Welcome to Blog Against Theocracy 2012

This is a blogswarm dedicated to the separation of church and state.

It is not a blogswarm against religion. Bloggers who believe in religion, and those who don't, are equally welcome here. What we share is a common commitment to the First Amendment to the Constitution and its guarantee of church-state separation.

This is also not a blogswarm against a particular candidate or party. But this year the Republican side has attacked both the reproductive rights of women and the marriage rights of LGBT citizens in the name of religious "liberty."   It is the position of this blogswarm that separation of church and state protects both, and that freedom of, or freedom from, religion is a choice every American has the right to pursue.  We are for marriage equality, and also insist on the rights of every American family and individual to pursue their own reproductive choices without uninvited clerical interference.

Blog Against Theocracy uses the hashtag #AgainstTheocracy on Twitter and Facebook to promote our posts.

We are not affiliated with Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, but we highly recommend their website and organization as a resource for church state issues, and we deeply appreciate their commitment to the cause of church state separation.